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Ruthie Bolton can now add "Professional Recording Artist" to her long list of accomplishments. 

Ruthie is a former professional basketball player with the WNBA, a Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, a professional basketball coach with the WNBA, a published author, educator, motivational speaker, and a full-time Mom to a pre-teen son and a teenage daughter...and the list goes on and on.

"I was born into a family of singers and was surrounded by music at an early age. I performed with the Church choir, mostly as a background singer.  I never envisioned myself as a "lead singer" Ruthie explains when asked about her debut single, "Dream Big." 

However, the accolades keep rolling in from friends and strangers who have been moved after listening to "Dream Big" and it's complimentary single "Dream Big Things (AfroBeat)."

Ruthie is grateful for the opportunity to showcase her skills as a vocalist while broadening her audience of fans and supporters.

"All of my goals and achievements were fueled by having  big dreams and then working my butt off to make them a reality. And, as the successes started happening I began teaching and preaching that same formula for success to young girls, boys, women and men."

"The Dream Big song is opening new doors and providing a wider platform for spreading the message of "aiming for the stars!"



Imagine, if you and only you were choosen...to share a million red roses.” - Lyrics - Dream Big song

"I've Been Dreaming Big

For As Long As I Can Remember!"

- Ruthie Bolton


"Imagine - Make It Happen"

Healing, Thriving & Helping Others!

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