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Ruthie Can Now Add "Recording Artist" To Her Many Achievements!

There are many professional athletes that have tried to cross the media divide to become an entertainer capable of reaching the masses, and yet Ruthie Bolton has managed it with consummate ease. A former WNBA basketball star, coach and dual Olympic gold medalist, she became a multi-media icon as her career evolved into a talented author, educator and motivational speaker. 

The focused work ethic underpinning her sporting ambitions gave Ruthie the understanding that any successful career is a culmination of the dreams and goals that a person sets for themselves. This is the message behind her debut singles ‘Dream Big Things’ (Afro Beat) and ‘Dream Big’. Her wonderful earthy voice richly embraces listeners, and in both cases, it is given the space to provide an intoxicating balance of sunlight to already sublime compositions. 

Born into a family of musical artists and raised in the church, she began to understand how the complexities of a song were more than just singing the melody. As a background vocalist she learnt that a choir is the sum of all its parts and that every moment is a journey into the complete musical story. 

If there is one enduring message from the songs of Ruthie Bolton, it is that life is too short to stand still. Change is good, and fulfilling your dreams is a necessary part of life. As we emerge to a world of new musical possibilities, join Ruthie as she leads and encourages us on a journey of renewed hope and inspired vision. This is a place where hopes are met, where love unfolds, where the journey is just as important as the destination itself. This is the path that Ruthie walks on, and if you want to get there with her, you should always Dream Big…


“Dream Big” is a Disney-like ballad featuring Ruthie's powerful vocals complimented by soaring strings and French horns, that captures the attention of both young and mature listeners.

Influenced by the soul of Alicia Keys, the raw power of Tina Turner, and enhanced by brilliant instrumentation by the late Glen Woodward, Dream Big is a song of affirmation and a musical "call-to-action" guaranteed to motivate and inspire dreamers and doers alike.

A highly emotional song that speaks to the current hopes and dreams of the future, there Is no doubt that ‘Dream Big’ will become the song of choice for engagements, wedding ceremonies, graduations, and other special occasions where  emotional and mental inspiration are the focus.

“Dream Big Things” is a brilliant fusion of R & B, Hip Hop, and pulsating Afro-Beats. Athletes and sporting organizations will no doubt be inspired to play ‘Dream Big Things’ in the locker room, stadium or sports fields, as it is so immediately addictive and speaks to all the ambitions that every sportsperson ever had.

Ruthie is joined on this track with veteran Raggae recording artist, "Winstrong" (Winston Van Ewyk) whose vocals blend effortlessly with Ruthie's and add a touch of Afro/Caribbean flavor throughout the composition. The result is a song with uniquely infectious rhythms and harmonies completed by a vocal hook that will inspire everyone to dream and bounce in mutual celebration.

‘Dream Big Things’ is clearly a song that will reverberate around the world, brilliantly structured to inspire Dreamers from every culture and country to "Just Do It!!!"

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Ruthie Bolton's new single, Dream Big, is an inspiring triumphant song that is guaranteed to become a classic. To her vast list of accomplishments, the former professional basketball player and two-time Olympic gold medalist may now add recording artist. Dream Big is a musical masterpiece with deep sounds and motivating lyrics that is sure to become a fan favorite for a variety of events. Dream Big gradually rises and carries listeners to new heights as the song climaxes, with its fundamental subject of inspiration. The deep voice of Ruthie Bolton is flawless and energetic, perfectly complementing the uplifting lyrics. The world-class athlete wraps her lifetime of experience into a highly motivational anthem that will inspire athletes and individuals from all walks of life. Dream Big is a directive, not just a song title. 

- Anna Marie Jehorek, Writer, Blogger

"Dream Big" by multi-talented recording artist and Olympic gold medalist Ruthie Bolton is an inspiring R&B anthem to motivate fans across music genres. This uplifting single showcases Bolton's powerful vocals with inspiring lyrics to share a message of hope and achieving one's goals. Heartwarming and heavenly, "Dream Big" is a suitable song for dreamers of all ages.  

- Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer

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